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Time to kill off web standards?

I have a web standards blog. I haven’t had time to give it much love lately. I’m thinking of killing it off, merging the articles there with the archives of this blog, and redirecting requests the old domain to this one.

There’s a few reasons for this (which I actually explain over there: Time to retire). When I started it, halfway through 2005, it was because I was very involved in the local Web Standards Group and as I was being aggregated by both Fullasagoog and MXNA, web standards and accessibility and CSS seemed off-topic for this blog. There was quite a bit of hostility towards web standards in the old-school coders community. I was almost embarrassed about talking about those kinds of issues here.

Since then though, that’s changed a lot. There’s no longer a question of “are CSS layouts better than table layouts”, and for the most part, there’s no longer any doubt among the general web development community that web standards are the way to go and that accessibility is a good thing for everyone. And blogging about the odd web standards issue (because there’s fewer of of them now anyway) does not seem like some kind of faux pas anymore.

So over to you. Do you think I’m doing the right thing? Do you object to the occasional post about web standards, usability, accessibility and the like, which may not tie directly into ColdFusion? Does talk of web standards send you into a silent (or not so silent) rage? Leave a comment and let me know!