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Aussie Bloggers Forum: for bloggers at every level

At the beginning of January the Aussie Bloggers Forum was officially launched, followed by the Aussie Bloggers blog on the 21st. I read about the forums and wandered on over… and found a group of awesome, interesting people of varying levels of experience with blogging, talking about everything from WordPress plugins to monetisation to getting inspiration to what’s for dinner! Somehow I got stuck, and have been there pretty much ever since. I do have a soft spot for forums. In a kind of “if you’re gonna hang around here all the time, you might as well do something useful” deal, the forum administrators have made me a moderator, although I have yet to wield my mighty new powers.

The forum is not just for Australians – anyone who is interested in blogging at any level is welcome to join. And there’s a really nice bunch of people over there.

Today, being Australia Day, the Aussie Bloggers blog is featuring an interview with Darren Rowse, probably Australia’s most famous ProBlogger. Check it out!

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