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The Starfish has landed

I’ve been way too busy to post anything substantial lately – and here’s why: I would like to present – Clever Starfish!

After nearly 7 years, my partner Dave and I have left PerthWeb and have started our own venture, Clever Starfish. Dave’s a Windows programmer so we have some software projects planned, and I will be focusing on search engine optimisation and online marketing – with a web standards view, of course!

I’d love to get any feedback about our new site. The design and initial cutup was done by Anton the Little Tree, and I did the CSS refinements, site construction and WordPress integration (the news section is powered by WordPress). Dave and I wrote the content together.

It uses ems for almost everything (except for a few things in the masthead), so the font size can be bumped up a few places without anything too weird occurring. Other than that, I’m most proud of the footprint of the site – while it looks reasonably graphical, the entire home page is only 23K which means that even on a modem it loads in under 5 seconds.

Of course, there’s always more work to be done on a site – especially a web developer’s own site – but the feedback I’ve had so far has been good.


  1. Congratulations Kay (and of course to David and Anton) :o) The site looks beautiful and it’s so cool that you’ve gone to the trouble to make the source pretty and add interesting facts about starfish.

    I love it – I think the branding is great, the colours are bright without being over the top and it lets your personality come through on the about pages. Awesome! You just have to succeed with your attitude.

  2. Thanks Sarah! You win the prize for being the first to mention the starfish facts – I was so proud of that and of the nicely formatted source code, which was actually a real effort to get, with all the includes :D

  3. Congratulations Kay! Good luck with your new venture.

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