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Simple time tracking

For those fed up with using spreadsheets to track billable project time, Madpilot Productions has launched 88 Miles.

First up, I will admit that Myles had to point out the Back to the Future reference in the name. Cryptic 80’s movie references aside, the just-launched beta service does exactly what it advertises – simple, uncomplicated time tracking. After setting up your projects, you punch in, punch out, then grab your data as XML when you need it. You can also manually add shifts. While we have an established system at work, I’m thinking of using it to track just how much of my “free” time I’m sinking into some of my side projects. There could be some scary information that comes out of there!

88 Miles is built in Rails and includes some sporty Ajax effects. It’s also a delicious green colour which of course, makes it extra appealing – but really, its beauty is in its simplicity. If you’re thinking of ditching the spreadsheets but don’t want to make your life more complicated, 88 Miles could be just what you need.

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