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cf.Objective(ANZ) conference – Registrations open!

Organising something like a ColdFusion conference is always going to be fraught with unexpected difficulties – but even more so when it’s being organised across four countries in four separate timezones. This has been the case with cfObjective(ANZ), the first international offshoot of the US-based cfObjective() conference, planned for Melbourne in November 2009.

Well, I’m happy to announce that the hurdles have been leapt over and all is now absolutely, definitely GO. The program is finalised, the venue is booked and registrations are now open (early bird pricing until October 12!). And it’s thanks, in no small way, to some wonderful sponsors: Adobe in Platinum spot, RocketBoots in Gold, Gruden as Bronze sponsor, and supporters Rob and Kristin Rohan.

Program: http://www.cfobjective.com.au/go/program
Pricing: http://www.cfobjective.com.au/go/pricing
Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/cfobjective_anz

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And yes, that IS me on Day 2. I’ll be talking about the largely untapped wonders of CFGRID.

Hope to see you there!