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Dear Adobe

Via MossyBlog on Twitter… here’s an interesting site: Dear Adobe. You can submit your gripe or rate other people’s gripes.

Update 31/08: DearAdobe now have a blog which explains that they are giving the information they collect to Adobe. They’ve also added quite a few new features and ways to view the grips.

It’s pretty interesting – I spent a good 15 mins going through other people’s complaints. Hopefully Adobe will take notice – while they’ve been great with releasing early betas and asking for feedback via the new Adobe Labs, I imagine a lot of people who can’t be bothered downloading preview software would find time to type a quick sentence about something that really bugs them. This site would have a whole different class of feedback – and a lot of silly entries as well, I’m sure!


  1. Maybe I’m missing something, but it looks like it’s easy to type, but hard to read…?

    (Twitter search may be better, but feedback directly to the team at adobe.com/go/wish seems better yet again.)


  2. It IS hard to read – my hope would be that the people behind it would forward the info compiled on to Adobe in a better format.

    I’m assuming they wouldn’t have put the site up if they didn’t intend to do something like that.

  3. Perhaps someone can teach them usability (the Dear Adobe site that is). I’ve forgotten the site that had suggestions for Microsoft, but it was presented in a far more useable manner where I didn’t have to click to see the next question grrrr.

    My greatest wish is that the next edition truly looks at fixing their installer, CS3 consumed the better part of my life waiting for it to finish.

  4. wow what a great site. not!!!!

    the same gripe loads no matter what you do. is this something that adobe is officially behind or is it just some shumck’s way of getting a bitch fest started. i would assume is not with a link like “more bitching”, what company would have a link like that.

    don’t know the author of the site but they need to rework it big time. FAIL!!!!

  5. it is a PHP site!!

    Lost all creditability in my books

    present site excluded :-P