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Australia gets some web conferences, 2008 edition

It’s going to be a good year for conferences down under!

Next week I’m off to Sydney for WebDU. I’m going to be covering the event for SitePoint and Fusion Authority, and I can’t wait – my first post on WebDU at SitePoint is up already. Although I’ve been to three of Daemon’s conferences I didn’t go the last two years, so I’m really looking forward to catching up on the ColdFusion community peeps that I haven’t seen for ages, as well as meet a lot of new people.

Then in September, it’s off to Sydney again for Web Directions South. This year, I’ll be speaking, on starting a web development business – my biggest speaking engagement thus far. Again, much anticipation, and more than just a bit of apprehension. A big thank you to Bryan who suggested that I might have a thing or two to share on the topic. Bryan kicks my arse at Scrabulous, consistently.

Web Directions South is great, not only for catching up with the people I met during the last three WE/WDS’s, but also because the Perth Port80 Posse always runs amok and what could be more fun than that? If you’d like to register and get $50 off, you can use the code WDS08-KS.

Fast forward to November, and this time I don’t need to get on any planes because Perth is hosting the inaugural Edge of the Web conference, brought to the unsuspecting people of Western Australia by AWIA (and of course, I am involved). We have a huge speaker list that will be announced soon. The awards presentation night for the WA Web Awards is being held as part of EOTW and so that’s even more reason to get excited. Hmmm, better start getting our sites polished up for entry…