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I’ve been a Fusebox gal from way back in the version 2ish days, before versioning was something that was done with any kind of discipline. I still remember the old mailing list days very fondly – there was a very close community that grew up in the early days of the framework, and with those guys in my inbox I wrote a lot of code and had a lot of fun doing it.

So while Fusebox is still my weapon of choice – I’m using version 5 these days – I am amazed at the depth and breadth of choice available in the frameworks world, and I find the communities that spring up around them fascinating. Which is why I started a series of interviews on SitePoint with framework developers, to try and get a better idea of how their approaches and philosophies are bourne out in the frameworks themselves and the people who rally around them.

So far there’s two that have been published – one with Geoff Bowers on FarCry, not traditionally seen as a framework, and one with John Farrar on COOP, a fairly new system with a unique and interesting focus. Take a look and don’t forget to leave a rating so I know what works and what doesn’t, in terms of the articles themselves. There’s a few more on the way – my beloved Fusebox, Machi-ii, ColdBox, Transfer ORM (yes Mark, that’s you – answer the bloody questions!) – and if you’re a framework developer, no matter how big or small, please drop me an email so I can include you too.

And tonight I’ve put up a poll on the SitePoint ColdFusion blog, to get some feedback from readers – do you use a framework? Pop on over and put your 2c in. It won’t even cost you that!

Frameworks, frameworks everywhere: a poll on SitePoint

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