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A new addition to my ever-expanding blog collection: I’m now posting over at SitePoint on Infused: ColdFusion blog. SitePoint has an audience of more general developers – lots of PHP, Ruby and ASP.NET people – so it will be a good opportunity to set the record straight about ColdFusion.

In fact, that’s the topic of my first post: ColdFusion myth-busting. Posted last week, at last count it had generated an amazing 69 comments – and it was really only an introduction and call for feedback. This week’s post is on an issue that was the topic of many of the comments:  ColdFusion: worth the cost! In this one I try to outline some of the reasons why I’d rather pay for ColdFusion (for some projects, anyway) than develop exclusively in an open source language.

So check it out and show some support for CF! If you have any topics you would like to see covered, feel free to leave a comment either here or over there.