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Web Directions 2007: the meme

The programme for Web Directions 2007 has been released, and there’s certainly going to be some hard decisions on what to go see. With three streams this year, there’s even more that I will sadly have to miss, seeing as I haven’t yet mastered being in two places at once, let alone three.

It’s also worth noting that if you haven’t registered yet but are thinking of going, you definitely want to do so before August 31 – that’s when the current “discount” pricing ends and the “standard” pricing kicks in.

The Perth crowd are mobilising to make our yearly pilgrimage to Sydney for Web Directions. This year will be even bigger and better than previous years, we are sure, and we’re planning to hold a Port80 social event in Sydney, in hopes of encouraging a regular event – more details to follow.

In recognition of the Awesomeness of Web Directions South, Miles has challenged previous attendees to find and and link to evidence of ourselves enjoying previous years. I challenge Rosemary, Gary and John.


  1. Ha! Great job with the meme task Kay, some great photos there!

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  3. Heh Rose, I did a quick search for your name on Flickr and that was the only one I could find! I’m sure there must be more, though :)

  4. There are a few of Rose, at least five to six. They are not tagged, mostly crowd shots.

  5. Me with Lachy! Darn you already linked to my star WD06 pic!