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Podcamp Australia?

It was shortly after the hugely successful Perth BarCamp that someone noticed podcamp.info. This appeared to be an attempt to start a similar style of unconference event in Australia.

Being the happy and enthusiastic crowd we are here in Perth – and still hyped up from recent BarCamp – Perth peeps got behind the vote to send BarCamp to Perth, sending our fair city rocketing into the lead.

There are some things about the site that are a bit odd, however – information on the people behind the event is a bit hard to find. Gary Barber did some research and has some suspicions as to whether the location poll was genuine or just a publicity stunt because it was assumed that Sydney would win.

I’m open-minded, and probably optimistic to a fault, so I’m waiting to hear something from the organisers. The home page lists “Other Upcoming Newmedia Events” and of the five that are currently listed, four are based in Perth!

What do you guys think? Is Podcamp Australia for real?