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ColdFusion – NOT a steaming pile of…

Kevin Yank from SitePoint is a nice bloke. He arranged for all the booze at the Web Directions closing party, and even promised to send me a SitePoint “eat sleep code” t-shirt cos he didn’t have any left to give away… hint, hint, you haven’t forgotten have you Kevin?

Anyway,Ben and Kevin after the conference Kevin put two and two together and realised the nutso chick trying to scam free beer from him at WD was the same person who wrote a rather scathing article on ColdFusion Integrated Reporting in the Fusion Authority Quarterly Update (about which he had plenty of praise). For anyone not yet following, that’s me. Kevin had planned to write a followup article investigating the state of ColdFusion after getting some criticism for a statement made in an earlier article, that ColdFusion was “stagnant”. Notably, our own Ben Forta had challenged that statement, causing Kevin to take another look around.

The latest SitePoint newsletter contains his findings. He’s not really reversing his earlier opinion, but it seems he does see some light at the end of the tunnel and admits that ColdFusion is suited to some people more than others. He also quotes me using a rather colourful idiom to describe CF Reporting that I may not have, had I realised he was gonna cut and paste directly.

Of course, this hasn’t impacted my high opinion of ColdFusion one bit, problems with reporting notwithstanding. And I’m still seeing lots of busy coders around town. We’re still on the upswing, baby…