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Nick Cowie on Accessible Forms

I was thinking of asking Nick to do a little interview about his upcoming Web Standards Group presentation…

…but he’s posted up such a good overview on his own blog that I’ll just point everyone over there: Accessible forms and more.

Nick explains his background as such:

Before I started building web sites for a living, I was a policy officer with the then Ministry of Fair Trading and I spent a lot of time working with legislation.

The first time I read that sentence, I thought it said “I was a police officer”… I was trying to imagine Nick in uniform. Not an image that really fits!

That aside, Nick’s presentation should be great, I’m really looking forward to it. Just a reminder, the details are:

Web Standards Group Meeting, Perth
Thursday August 31, 2006 – from 6pm
Edith Cowan University, Mt Lawley Tavern (Building 12)
Cover charge of $4 for nibblies and audio transcription

Please RSVP to perth@webstandardsgroup.org if you’re planning to come along.

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