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IT Screen Goddess TV deal?

I went to the Perth launch of the IT Screen Goddess Calendar last night…

…and it was lots of fun. The controversy seems to have died down a bit, but hopefully the publicity and money generated will have a positive effect on the number of women entering IT careers in the coming years.

I see an interesting article this morning on Victoria’s Border Mail: IT babe gets TV interest. Apparently US television producers are interested in calendar cover model Sonja Breeze for a new show dealing with women in IT careers. Wow.

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  1. HELLO – AND the other exciting news is not only 1 TV producer but we are talking to 2nd one as well (the second one is still very early stages but looking good). PLUS we’re hoping people get interested in the competitions now they are announced and prizes (GREAT ONES) available – checkout the web site competitions area. AND of course we now have a screensaver version for sale as well:-))) all we need now is more sales……….