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How I procrastinate… er, work

Myles has issued a challenge to all westcoastbloggers… how do we work? Work? What’s that?

What desktop software do you use every day?

Myles mentions Outlook. I love Outlook. It amazes me with it’s possibilities every day. I can’t wait for Outlook 12. Colour coded lists!

It goes without saying that I use Firefox. And a whole stack of extensions, but the most important one is the Web Developer extension. That and the lorem ipsum generator are fairly essential to my daily work.

When I’m at home, I also use FeedDemon to keep up with the 250-odd RSS feeds that I have. It’s an amazing productivity tool – there’s no way I’d consider checking 250 individual web sites – but FeedDemon brings them all to me.

What web sites do you use every day?

Gmail, Google, del.icio.us. Also eBay but that’s not work. Most web sites that I would list are actually taken care of by FeedDemon. Flickr for sure. And Port80, of course!

What PDA/personal organizer/system do you use to keep organized?

I have a really nice little Asus PDA, but it’s a bit neglected at the moment. I love reading ebooks on it though, when I have time to read fiction (not often lately). PDAs are good for that, and also for playing DopeWars, the greatest computer game ever written. I have a Symbian PDA phone but I really don’t like it anymore. Amazingly, I recently switched back to a nice hard cover notebook and pen. The notebook is lime green (of course) and covered in stickers. The pen is a Bic Intensity Clic, the nicest gel ink pen I have ever found (and I’ve tried heaps).

Hmmm… nothing surprising there! Except maybe the old school notebook.

So, what about the rest of ya?