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Zeldman is just plain unlucky

A curious package arrived, addressed to me, this week from Amazon. I don’t remember ordering anything from Amazon…

It was Zeldman’s Designing with Web Standards – a book I already own – and Dan Cederholm’s Bulletproof Web Design, a book I’d been planning to buy. Turns out that I’d lent my copy of Zeldman to my friend Anton, and the book had an unfortunate accident with a glass of water. The Bulletproof book was a present because he felt bad. Awwww…. thanks Anton.

Funny thing is, that wasn’t the first incident involving a copy of Zeldman’s book with my name written neatly in the inside cover. One of our HTML guys at work had borrowed it and Eric Meyer on CSS about a year before, and they got “damaged” by some of his friends. I never found out what actually happened there… but I got shiny new copies.

Poor Zeldman… talk about unlucky. Bulletproof is great so far… will post a review when I’ve finished.