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Like every other geek these days, I just love flickr.

And like the old parable about the fax machine, the more people you know who use it, the cooler it becomes.

Pre WE05, I had a handful of photos online and two or three contacts – I created an account to try it out, thought it was pretty cool, and didn’t get much further than that.

Post Web Essentials, I have a pro account, 14 contacts – not many I know, but I go for quality not quantity! – and 40 photos online – again, not many but that’s a lot for me in such a short time. Plus, based on the success of the WebEssentials “official” account, we’ve signed up Port80 for its own pro account and uploaded all the photos that were taken at the WA Web Awards and also a few from some old Port80 events.

Speaking of the official Web Essentials flickr account, how about that Amit? 523 photos uploaded in the last week or so – does he sleep? I keep expecting to see them stop, thinking he’s gotta hit that 2GB limit sometime soon – but they just keep coming. They’re awesome photos too – great job dude :)