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I did a bad thing… I let the “no posts in the last 20 days” message sit on the home page for longer than a week. Very slack of me.

So, like all errant bloggers, I will now plead my case.

Excuse 1: The WA Web Awards. Being on the organising committee for Port 80’s WA Web Awards has taken an amazing amount of energy. But it’s going to be soooooooo cool! The entries are in, the judging is in progress, tickets are selling to the big night, it’s all happening. Our sponsors – The WA Internet Association, Edith Cowan University, Macromedia, W3A and Adobe – have gotten right behind us, and it definitely looks like this year will be a big success, paving the way for next year.

Excuse 2: New Blog. I don’t mind reading the occasional off-topic post, and I definitely like seeing people’s personalities come through, but this blog has been somewhat schizophrenic over the past 18 months. I swing from topic to topic, and that’s just not aggregator-friendly. So, I have a new blog just for web standards, CSS, HTML and general “best practises” web development topics. It’s over here: http://kay.zombiecoder.com/ and if you’re into that kind of thing, check it out. It uses the most wonderful WordPress, of which I have become a huge fan of late.

Is that enough? I’ve also been really busy at work – we’re doing a big FarCry project as well as 25,000 other things. I’m now on the Port80 committee as well, after a 22 second AGM at the pub last week (it was short because there were four candidates for five open positions). So hopefully with all the new CF stuff I’m doing there’ll be more on-topic posts and less fluff in the future.

How’s that for a byline? kay lives here, now with 80% less fluff.

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