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ColdFusion flash forms: more whinging

Everyone must know about this by now, but it’s just so goddamn cool: file upload with ColdFusion flash forms.

I just wish ColdFusion flash forms were more usable. They’re just so painfully slow… I’ve tried using them on our intranet, but find even myself finger tapping while looking at that bloody “loading” progress bar. And I want to use them… I can’t imagine someone who doesn’t care waiting long for them to load.

I saw a prototype of an internet application that used them extensively… lots of complex forms. It seemed very sluggish to me. A few weeks later I saw it again and the Flash forms were gone – when I asked the site’s owner (not the developer), he said the Flash forms “were a big mistake”. ‘Nuff said. Lucky they’re easy to replace, right?

So what’s the story – is it just me? I don’t really believe that… I think Flash forms and RIAs are great, but I think ColdFusion MX7’s cfform implementation, while fantastic in concept, lack quite a bit in performance. Fair call, or do I expect too much?

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