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What’s a blog to do?

I haven’t been blogging much lately, and I’m not gonna do the usual thing and apologise, you’ll be pleased to know. I’ve been busy, alright?

Anyway, I have this blog hosted on a ColdFusion server, so I can play with all the cool stuff that comes out, yada yada yada. But lately I’ve been playing a lot with WordPress – Triple S uses it, another blog I’m working on in my spare time as well, even Web Women will once it’s up and going. And I have to say, what it can do is just so goddamn cool, and that’s before you start trawling the plugins for it. It’s got all the features that anyone could ever want in a blog or even a basic CMS. It’s search-engine friendly, aggregator-friendly, comment and track-back friendly, standards-compliant and easily customisable, sets up in 25.7 seconds… all out of the box.

So, I’m seriously thinking of moving this site to LAMP. There’s a couple of CF blogs out there, but they don’t seem to be anywhere near as complete and mature as WordPress. And I most definitely don’t have the time to write something of my own.

The one nagging thing is, it’s not CF….

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