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Google Shall Inherit The Earth

Obsession of the week: Google Earth. Man that’s cool. Dave’s been busily finding and bookmarking all the places we’ve lived (there’s lots). Places we’ve visited. Then there’s the places we want to visit. It’s awesome.

Raises a few questions about privacy, though. My parents have a much higher expectation of privacy than I do. I think the next generation will have an even lower expectation than this one. If you want to go somewhere unobserved in 20 years time… underground will be about it.

There’s also Google Maps… I got all excited and signed up for my Mum’s site, to replace the dodgy location map she’s got. I was also thinking it would be fantastic for Look At WA (the site my work experience students maintain) – a detailed map for each tourist attraction and zone. But unfortunately, there’s no detailed maps for Australia yet. I hope they expand it soon.

I think the slight backlash against Google at the moment is unwarranted… they are using their mega-billions to do some cool stuff. And so far, it’s mostly been free. I guess we’ll see how long that lasts.

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