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This post originally appeared on the now-defunct ‘Zombiecoder Kay’ blog.

Welcome to my newest experiment, a WordPress-powered blog about web development best practises.

Over at my original blog, I have been posting about a number of different topics, which tends to foil the aggregators – readers of a ColdFusion feed should not have to work around articles about web standards, search engine optimisation, my experiences at the Big Day Out, my cats, and what colour I’m planning to paint my house.

So here’s my zombie coder blog, where I plan to post about web standards, usability, accessibility and anything else that fits into the general term “best practises web development”, keeping the off-topic patter to a minimum. Some friends and colleagues will also be blogging on their own zombie coder sub-domains, about different topics but all related to coding in some form.

Another reason for starting a new blog was as an opportunity to tinker with WordPress, which is one nice piece of code. I’ve used it for a couple of sites, and I really like how easy it is to use, customise, and extend.

Finally, why “zombie coder”? It was just a cool domain that Dave – connoisseur of the horror genre, and zombie movies in particular – thought of, and couldn’t believe wasn’t already registered!