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XML CFFORM: The Madness

I swear, every time I find something about ColdFusion MX 7 to fall in love with, I get slapped across the face two minutes later. Really!

This time it was XML CFFORMs. After I realized Flash CFFORM wasn’t going to cut it for my nefarious purposes, I started playing with XML CFFORMs. Picture this: I’m deep in the process of creating my own XML CFFORM skin – it’s taking a while as I’ve never played with XSLT before, but it’s looking nicer and getting there (whoever designed the built in skins and made them all identical except for the hideous colour scheme must have had a real sense of humour). I’m about to get adventurous and try integrating the awesome WebFX tab pane – it seems like the perfect use for CFFORMGROUP “panel” type. I’m having fun!

So then I get to converting a CFFORM that I had created in Flash format. It used the very cool CFCALENDAR tag. I change the type to XML and it doesn’t work anymore.

Huh? A quick LiveDocs consultation confirms that CFCALENDAR is only supported in Flash and HTML forms, not XML forms. I can’t imagine why. I’m on the verge of going back to do-it-yourself HTML forms. In fact, if it wasn’t for the way coolness of XSLT and the potential things I could do, validation-wise, I probably would.

Argh, why is my life so complicated? I wanna love CFMX 7, really I do! But it’s tough!

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