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User Groups Around the World

In the April edition of the ColdFusion Developer’s Journal, there’s a map of ColdFusion User Groups in the US and around the world. Surprisingly, of the 21 listed user groups outside of the US, five of them (nearly a quarter) are in Australia.

Wow. That’s impressive – five in Australia, and only two in Canada and one in England. Although I can’t help but imagine that more people turn up to a single London or Toronto meeting than to the combined totals in all five Australian groups (I have no real data to back this up, and I could be completely wrong).

Our own little WA user group is really a lot of fun. We haven’t had an organised speaker in quite a while, although we’re planning on changing that – but we sit around and discuss our current projects, coding problems, currently popular topics in the Macromedia macroverse, and the like. We started a certification study group and while it petered out at around part 3 of the study guide book, four of us passed the exam with advanced status and one guy missed out on advanced by one question. Overall, I think we’re pretty successful as a user group, although not in what I guess is the “usual” way. Maybe that’s what you get for living in the most remote capital city in the world.

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