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8 Days of Hell

Last Friday week our ISDN stopped working. No phone, no modem, therefore no internet. Today we have it back – 10 fault report phone calls, 8 agonising days, 3 Telstra technicians, and one massive mobile phone bill later.

The problem in the end? The wires hadn’t been crimped properly by the Telstra technician who originally put the system in, so they had fallen out. Could have happened at any time. The first two Telstra technicians had apparently investigated the line right up until it went inside the house, and found no problem. The third guy managed to get it. Hulla-f’in-lujah. If Dave hadn’t gotten quite angry on the phone it would have been next week before they even sent the third guy out to look at it. Grrrrrr.

The whole episode was extremely frustrating, not half because I had a whole stack of side-projects on the go that needed my attention, like, last week. It’s hard on a geek! So I get to spend this (long – yay!) weekend catching up. Expect a few posts.

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