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RSS vs Design?

An interesting post from Michael Efford last week titled: RSS vs Design. In it, he discusses his feelings after finding the RSS feed is the most requested document on his site, and asks the question “where does this leave design?” It’s a good read.

That got me thinking. Mike’s a Perth-ite and a Port 80 regular, so I know he’s one talented dude. If I could create designs as beautiful as his, I’d probably mourn the fact that people weren’t seeing them as well (love the fruit). However, my design skills are an acquired taste (that only I have acquired) so that doesn’t worry me. The cranky old curmudgeon in me really likes the fact that RSS allows me to read all sorts of interesting and diverse information without having to endure everyone’s differing opinions on what’s readable.

Which got me thinking… I don’t include full posts in my RSS feeds. Why not? Pure laziness. Fuseblog 1 is set up that way by default and I never bothered to change it. But I’ve decided that now I will – so, if all goes to plan, my future posts should appear in the feed in their entirety. This post is a test, as such.

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