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Off to MXDU!

Yay, booked my ticket to MXDU!

There won’t be as large a Perth contingent as there has been the last two years, but it’ll still be great. Lots of cool stuff going on. Some interesting topics on the agenda – I’m looking forward to Sean Corfield’s Mach-ii vs Fusebox 4 presentation (even though I’m fairly well-convinced that Mach-ii will not benefit my development at work at all) and the session on building multi-lingual apps particularly.

It will also be my little blog’s first birthday – I started last year during the conference. Since then I’ve made some minor improvements to the site and engine, but while I’ve talked about doing some major improvements, none have been forthcoming. I’m in the process of rewriting the blog engine using CFCs and Fusebox 4, but I’m not gonna jinx it by announcing that I will be using the new system on any particular date! In fact, I may not ever finish it…

If I can’t wrangle a new battery for my poor mistreated TabletPC, I won’t be doing much blogging at all from the conference floor this year – I’m lucky to get an hour out of each of the ones I have these days. And um, I broke off the power jack again, only this time the unit was out of warranty (it was accident, honestly!). Unfortunately that means replacing the motherboard, and that’s $1,200 – ouch! So at the moment I get by with an external battery charger. Moral of the story: next time I’m getting the extended warranty. I still love my little tabby though.

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