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Yep, after months – nay, years – of procrastination, I finally went and did my CFMX Certification exam. I got 91%, which means I get Advanced status. Woo-hoo!

There’s a whole stack of bad jokes about being certifiable that I could make right now, but I will refrain.

Congratulations to Andy Parry from CFUGWA who got 94% on Monday, and best of luck to Brett Payne-Rhodes who’s taking his test on Friday.

I’d love to say our success was due to the study group that CFUGWA started, but unfortunately that kind of petered out, due to everyone really having more committments than free weeknights. Still, it got us all enthused so I guess it served it’s purpose from that point of view. I read Ben Forta’s study guide from cover to cover and then back the other way several times, did the sample exams on his site, and played with Daemon’s Certifiable Central app. I don’t think the exam was difficult.

So now, whenever the discussion comes up about whether certification really means anything (let’s face it, it’s one of those topics that comes around with a regularity second only to “ASP vs CF”), I can be one of those people who argues that certified developers have shown intestinal fortitude and a committment to their art, bullshit bullshit bullshit. Actually, I think the option in the feedback survey I took after the exam sums it up pretty nicely – I took the exam as a “professional challenge”.

So people, if you’ve been procrastinating like I was, I say “go for it”. It was actually kind of fun. And I think anyone who regularly uses CF and follows mailing lists and blogs etc should have no problem passing.

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