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Developer Crumbs

My guy Dave has many side projects. Well, I have many side projects too… I guess we all do. Anyway, Dave’s biggest side project over the last couple of years has been DVD Collector, a freeware program for, funnily enough, managing your DVD Collection. Dave is fanatical about interface design, so that’s one of the best aspects of the program – an easy to use, clear and good looking interface. He’s had some crazy number of downloads over the last couple of years, it’s been on the cover CD of PC User magazine, and it’s going to be on the cover CD of PC World magazine soon.

Anyway, Dave’s been tied up in some other side projects recently – and get your mind out of the gutter, I don’t mean like that – namely, Salon Manager for my Mum’s shop. But finally he’s finished with that, and getting back into version 2 of DVD Collector. He’s getting a lot of interest, and so to chronicle the project he’s set up a blog, Developer Crumbs. He has a PHP hosting account, and while he installed a few different blog engines (including WordPress) he ended up liking pLog the best.

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