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Last night was Communication, a joint event from AGDA and Port-80. I spoke, along with two of my PerthWeb collegues, Paul and Chris, on how designers and developers can (or can’t) get along and work together.

The guys from Papercut Media spoke first, which gave me time to ingest two super-size bourbons, so by the time we got to speak I was nice and relaxed – on the whole I think it went well. We got a few laughs from the crowd with Chris’s illustrations of the stereotypical designer (looked like he modeled it after himself, come to think of it), typical developer (which thankfully didn’t look like any of us) and typical client (a green tentacle-waving raving monster which did actually resemble some clients I’ve worked with). I’ll ask him if I can post them here.

So, it was a lot of fun and I’m really getting into the whole public speaking thing. Anyone got a gig for me?

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