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A fascination with forbidden locations

I wrote previously about StumbleUpon, right? I’m still loving it.

The most interesting site I came across this week is Infiltration, which bills itself as a “zine about going places you’re not supposed to go”. They have all sorts of categories – hospitals, churches, transit tunnels – but what interests me is “Abandoned Sites”. People get into abandoned areas – Buffalo Central Terminal in New York is featured on the site, as is the Roswell Missile Silo – take photos, and write about the experience. Riveting stuff.

This appealed to me especially as Ben, Dave and I were in the Fear Factory Cyberwaste video that was shot in February at the old power station in Kwinana, Perth. We didn’t even realise that they didn’t have permission to shoot there until they let us in through a hole in the fence a few hundred metres up the beach :) No, you can’t really make us out in the video, although if you go frame-by-frame there’s a couple of arms or bits of hair that are probably us – but it was an aswesome location. I’d love to go there again and take some photos myself.

The other great thing that I found on the site was a piece about the Paris Catacombs. Now there’s a place I’ve been – although of course I went in the tourist area. That was fascinating, but the account on Infiltration makes it sound even better. Don’t know if I’d be game to crawl around there myself, though.

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