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Bill Gates, superhero: the infographic

via FrugalDad via Neowin: Bill Gates is better than Batman. Ignoring the fact that, um, Batman doesn’t exist (sorry to ruin anyone’s childhood there), this infographic shows just how huge Bill Gates’ contributions to better world health actually are.

While it may be an unpopular view in some circles, I’ve always had enormous respect for Bill Gates. Although I wasn’t aware of just how far-reaching his contributions were before I saw this, it really doesn’t surprise me. Bill Gates is the consummate geek, and as much as geeks don’t like problems without solutions, they also don’t like solutions without problems. Having more money that god and incredible influence and some pretty crazy corporate negotiating skills as a package was obviously a solution of some sort… Bill just needed to find the right problem to apply that solution to.

Seeing something like this also makes me think: what can I do? If “wealth” is the amount of money that we have that is above what we reasonably need to live and fulfill our general goals, then most of us average Joes and Josephines don’t have enough to make much of a difference. But what we do all have is skills and ideas and time (yes, no matter what you think, you do have time, you just might not be using it to its maximum potential), and that’s where we can make our own differences – maybe not on the scale of saving 7.6 million lives, but a difference none the less. It’s worth thinking about.

microsoft infographic

Source: frugaldad.com

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