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Death by caffeine

Caffeine is important to the productivity of geeks. Well, of anyone, I suppose. I had a wicked caffeine addiction that I managed to kick by travelling in Europe for 3 weeks in 2008. The combination of not being able to get good coffee, hanging out with people who didn’t have an urgent need to caffeinate in the first two hours after waking, having my sleeping patterns destroyed by jet lag and keeping odd hours meant that the need to fix was gone when I got back into my normal surroundings.

Then, we got an espresso machine in the house/office. Welcome back, caffeine addiction my old friend.

So each person knows how much coffee they need to function… but how much does it take to kill you?

Fortunately, someone took the time to do the math and made a handy tool for the rest of us to use. Simply choose your region, enter your weight, select your caffeine source of choice and click to find out what it will take to put you down.

Death by Caffeine