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Update on the cool HD-DVD t-shirts

Yesterday I posted about how a mate of mine was taking pre-orders for t-shirts with the HD-DVD decryption code rendered in hexadecimal colours. Super-geeky. I hear from Myles that the shirts are being printed and orders are now being taken on the site – AUD $30 (unless you pre-ordered, in which case you get it for AUD $25). That’s a touch less than US $25 – a bargain. I’ve ordered mine.

I read on Download Squad that there are cheaper Cafe Press shirts available – but:

  • Cafe Press shirts are not great quality and
  • they’re all white! I only wear black t-shirts!

Site: HD-DVD Tee


  1. Don’t you like the way people bag others, when the entire Tshirt colours came them just a simple extension of a few numbers. And a few comments from friends.

  2. Meh! Just promoting piracy really. I am surprised you are even blogging about it.

  3. Peter, once again you’ve missed the point – it’s not about the key at all – it’s about the attempts to suppress the key. When Digg tried to delete any submissions about it, Digg users started flooding the system with posts – showing that they would rather Digg go down completely than be censored. The t-shirt is an expression of those kinds of sentiments – you simply cannot censor the internet, it will not work.

  4. Kay,

    Check out Jinx.com. They have one as well thats really quite cool, and it comes in black…

  5. I’m seriously thinking of getting one of these. Neat idea I reckon.

    I was a bit late understanding what it was all about I must admit. I saw your first post about the t-shirts and “that special hex code” and was totally oblivious to their meaning.

    Then I caught up on some of my feeds and read the whole digg rebellion that I entirely missed =) Its definitely a historic moment I reckon. One that should be captured in some clever way on a T-shirt perhaps… oh there we go :)