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Web Directions t-shirt mania

The Web Directions team have answered the call for conference t-shirts with a twist…

… you can order your tshirt and get it delivered before the conference, customised with your own slogan. There’s even a competition with prizes for the funniest web 2.0 slogan.

I can’t think of a good slogan, so I’m inciting the Perth Port80 Posse to get matching shirts.

Only 3 weeks to go!


  1. What you can’t think of a good slogan! I had about ten with a few minute.. Okay some are lame…
    Maybe I should just post them, if to do nothing but get them out of my head…

  2. Well, c’mon then… spill ’em Gary!

  3. How ’bout “Web3.1 – For Workgroups” or “I’m well-formed AND accessible!” or “The blink tag is mearly a tool” or “Friends don’t let friends use post-backs” or “Web1.0 ROCKED!” or “I liked the Web’s earlier stuff”

    *sigh* I wish I were going to Web Directions.