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Got spam? Make casserole!

I’d heard that Google had been testing putting links to RSS feeds into Gmail accounts, but hadn’t seen it until a day or so after it was officially announced.

Yet another item competing for my attention! But I don’t mind it really… not all that useful though. I’ve left in word of the day and quote of the day and recipes and stuff like that, that I wouldn’t normally bother looking at. It’s a bit of fun.

What’s also funny is that they are at least slightly contextual. Everytime I go to check my spam bin – that’s spam with a lower case “s”, as in the junk email annoyance – I get feed items for delicious Spam recipes – that’s Spam with a capital “S”, the meat product. The one that I have never even seen out of a can. In fact, I don’t think I know anyone who actually eats it. But it’s great for making jokes as we’re doing the grocery shopping.

Were I ever to consider eating the canned meat by-product (as I’m mostly vegetarian, that’s even less likely for me than most other people), I am now armed with quick and fantastic recipes, courtesy of the big G.

Thanks again, Google.

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