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Runs In The Family

My brother now has a blog.

It seems that geekiness runs in my family. He’s more of a geek than me, though… no, really! The Linux references give him away – and the link to Slashdot, hmm (that link hover style looks very familiar, Les!).

He links to me, so he’s forgiven. And the site is CSS driven. I need to introduce him to the HTML validator, though. But he’s a sysadmin (at PerthWeb too, no less) not a web monkey so we’ll cut him some slack.

My other little brother – the really little one – is still working on his site, so I won’t link to it until he’s ready. He’s a geek too. It’s inescapable.

So what do you people reckon, does the geek gene express itself in your pool?

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