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Fixed Width Feels Funny

Or, why I still haven’t changed the look of this site yet.

I had a new design ready to go. It used a funky photo I took and some funky colours as well as a more elegant and subtle design. It used the Aura skin in place of genuine design talent, and I really did like it. Except… it was fixed width.

Now I don’t want to start up the war about whether fixed width is good or bad. I have nothing against fixed width designs, except… I dunno, I wouldn’t want to have one myself, you know? I know they look good, are easy to implement, and every blog on the planet has one, it seems… but it just seems like taking the easy way out. Philosophically speaking, I would prefer to have a design which adapts to the user’s screen, taking into account things like readability and line length, because that’s what the internet is all about. One of these days I might have time to do it.

So there you have it. If I had an unlimited amount of time to devote to this site, it would be a hell of a lot prettier. The underneath isn’t all that pretty, either… the markup is a bit stinky and a bit clunky. It was a very early effort. But given the laws of physics and space-time, I think it might be staying the way it is for a bit longer yet.

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