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In a rare (yeah right!) moment of clutziness, I dropped a heavy bowl on my knee last night. The sequence of events might have been that I dropped the bowl and tried to catch it with my knee, but these slow-motion moments of disaster are always a little hazy afterwards. Anyway, big bowl of chili went splat all over the floor, new cupboard handle got dented, large ceramic bowl is no more, and my knee is twice the size it should be and rather black.

So, I won’t be doing anything today except sitting in this chair in front of my PC. It’s been rather neglected of late… after moving into our new house, all I seem to do is wander from room to room shuffling items I don’t know where to put, and going to hardware stores for yet more things we forgot we would need.

I go back to work on Monday after a whole four weeks of glorious holiday. It’s been great, I’m not looking forward to going back. I’ll miss the constant companionship of Honey and Shadow, the two little kittens, who follow us from room to room. Right now they’re quiet – sleeping on Dave, I think.

So, today I’m going to try and get some stuff done on this site that I’ve been meaning to do for ages. Some of it includes tweaking the “design” a little (if you could call my random splashes of green and orange a “design”), and I’d also like to add a few features to the blog engine. We’ll see how I go. If, in a few hours time, everything looks exactly the same, you can safely assume that I spent the day playing San Andreas instead.

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