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OK, so I looked at my blog today and it politely informed me “No articles have been posted within the last 20 days”. Oops! I’ve been slack… better post something.

So here’s news… a guy from the Melbourne Age newspaper rang up Dave at work the other week and asked him all sorts of questions about his DVD Collector program, the fanaticism of DVD afficonados, and buying DVD’s in Australia. The other day, the column was published (if it asks you to register, just scroll down… there’s a “skip registration and continue to article” link).

On another note, one of the reasons I’ve been so quiet is that I’ve been preparing to move my site, redesign, and upgrade my blog engine at the same time… I’m adapting Fuseblog 2 to not break any of my links right now, and making the HTML validate. In a somewhat radical move for me, I decided that instead of building a layout from scratch myself, I’m going to use Aura instead. Gives me more time to add other funky features.

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