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Wholesome JavaScript

Anyone who knows me will tell you it’s no great secret that I’m not a big fan of JavaScript. To me, it seems really flaky and prone to problems… plus, it’s so often used for evil instead of good. And, I’m not very good at writing it!

Well, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (WCAG WG) is working on a scripting “best practises” project for creating accessible JavaScript. They plan to release freely available modules for common scripting requirements, already browser, platform and accessibility tested.

I’d better watch out or I might start liking JavaScript. Especially if someone else writes and tests it for me! Gmail has copped a bit of flack (sorry, I’m talking about it again) for being funky but almost completely inaccessible. It’s really, really usable though. It would be amazing if some of the big brains got together and worked out how to make JavaScript widgets that were both.

I’ll be watching this one closely.

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