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Infect Someone With Web Standards Today

John Allsopp’s girlfriend has written up a really cute post about Catching Web Standards. She calls her conversion from the “clueless majority” as “sexually transmitted web standards”. Now that’s funny.

I didn’t get web standards quite like that… but I definitely think it’s contagious, and not just sexually. People either totally rail against the idea, or they totally dig it right away. Occasionally people from the first category end up in the second. People who “get it” tend to be very enthusiastic.

Something I’ve come to realise though, is that all tech “religions” tend to be that way. ColdFusion users? Largely a very enthusiastic bunch, very “into” their craft. Fuseboxers? Total fanatics. Mac users, a group I’m definitely not one of? As far as zealots go, they take the cake. Think about Flash developers, bloggers, eXtreme Programming adherents, open source developers, Linux d00ds.

The point of this post? I’ve decided anyone involved with computers and technology is nuts. I don’t think accountants come home and play with spreadsheets while they’re watching tv. And it’s hard to imagine dentists polishing their probes and drills in the wee hours (actually, that’s not so difficult to imagine – there’s a horror movie in that I’m sure). But computer people seem to live the life 24-7. I definitely do. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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