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Full Scale and the Pink Handbag

Went to see Full Scale last night, one of my favourite bands. Their drummer Crutey used to work for PerthWeb, a million years ago. The sound in the venue sucked… there wasn’t much of a crowd as the headliners, Sunk Loto, pulled out because there drummer was sick… but Full Scale still put on an awesome show.

While the opening bands were on, I noticed something that I thought was hilarious… of course that might just be me. I took a photo but it didn’t come out as well as I had hoped… still, it’s evidence.

Check it out below: this chick in the moshpit was rocking out while carring a pink handbag. I kid you not… in this particular shot you can’t see it very well, but she’s right at the front, headbanging away, fists in the air… carrying a hot pink handbag.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not picking on her… good on her for supporting the band and absolutely she has the right to carry any accessories, in any colors, that she wants. I just thought it was a funny combination of images, that’s all.

OK, maybe it is just my slightly strange sense of humor.

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