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Damn, I missed it

I saw a post that there was a “macrochat” with Ben Forta and other CF peoples this morning, 6am EST, which would mean 4am local Perth time. I wasn’t going to get up because I got up for the worldwide user group meeting pre-dawn yesterday, and I’m going to see Full Scale tonight, and there’s something about consecutive 22 hour days that don’t really appeal to me.

But then I woke up for no reason and it was 3.45am, so I thought “what the hell” and logged on. Unfortunately it actually started at 3am local time, so all I caught was the last 10 minutes or so and some post-chat chat.

Still, it was interesting. No critical pre-release Blackstone information was slipped, which is what everyone hopes for at these things, but that’s ok. A beta was hinted at for later this year, but pretty much anyone with some basic math could work that out.

I think I’m gonna go get a caffeine injection now.
Perhaps straight into the eyeballs.

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