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Speaking at Scotch on the Rocks

time's up!

Often, the longer it’s been between posts, the harder it is to write any­thing. Too much has hap­pened, where do I even start?

To sum­ma­rize, in 2012 I took a bit of a break from respon­si­bil­ity and sorted out some per­sonal issues. I’m now liv­ing in Berlin — which really is the coolest city in the world — and I’m back from hia­tus with projects all over the shop. I’m also pleased to announce that I’ll be speak­ing at Scotch on The Rocks in Edin­burgh, June 6–7.

My pre­sen­ta­tion will be in the Entre­pre­neur­ship stream and it’s titled “Quit your bor­ing 9-5er”. I’ll be bust­ing some myths about work­ing, star­tups and finan­cial inde­pen­dence and hope­fully giv­ing peo­ple some take-away ideas.

I’m pretty excited about the con­fer­ence — I get to catch up with a whole bunch of great peo­ple I haven’t seen in a long time, soak my brain in an envi­ron­ment that’s super-rich with great ideas, imbibe some scotch and eat some hag­gis. I’m stay­ing for a few extra days after­wards as well, to explore Edin­burgh and sur­round­ing areas. I can’t wait!

34 days and count­ing. So, who’s going?


  1. I wish I could go!!

  2. Hun I wish you could too!