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Bill Gates, superhero: the infographic


via Fru­gal­Dad via Neowin: Bill Gates is bet­ter than Bat­man. Ignor­ing the fact that, um, Bat­man doesn’t exist (sorry to ruin anyone’s child­hood there), this info­graphic shows just how huge Bill Gates’ con­tri­bu­tions to bet­ter world health actu­ally are.

While it may be an unpop­u­lar view in some cir­cles, I’ve always had enor­mous respect for Bill Gates. Although I wasn’t aware of just how far-reaching his con­tri­bu­tions were before I saw this, it really doesn’t sur­prise me. Bill Gates is the con­sum­mate geek, and as much as geeks don’t like prob­lems with­out solu­tions, they also don’t like solu­tions with­out prob­lems. Hav­ing more money that god and incred­i­ble influ­ence and some pretty crazy cor­po­rate nego­ti­at­ing skills as a pack­age was obvi­ously a solu­tion of some sort… Bill just needed to find the right prob­lem to apply that solu­tion to.

See­ing some­thing like this also makes me think: what can I do? If “wealth” is the amount of money that we have that is above what we rea­son­ably need to live and ful­fill our gen­eral goals, then most of us aver­age Joes and Josephines don’t have enough to make much of a dif­fer­ence. But what we do all have is skills and ideas and time (yes, no mat­ter what you think, you do have time, you just might not be using it to its max­i­mum poten­tial), and that’s where we can make our own dif­fer­ences — maybe not on the scale of sav­ing 7.6 mil­lion lives, but a dif­fer­ence none the less. It’s worth think­ing about.

microsoft infographic

Source: frugaldad.com

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