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Kay Smoljak: Writing Resume

At various times over the past ten years I have been a back-end developer, a front-end developer, a search engine optimization specialist, a marketer, a corporate employee, a small business owner, a freelancer, an industry organisation committee member, a conference organizer and a conference speaker. What this should tell you (apart from that I like to brag) is that my experience in a variety of areas gives me perspective that I apply to my writing.


I wrote an expose on the shortcomings of ColdFusion 7’s Integrated Reporting feature for Fusion Authority Quarterly Update, a US-based print journal, as well as a followup article on the issues resolved in a hotfix.


An editor invited me to submit articles, after I complained to him about the under-representation of ColdFusion (my web development language of choice at the time) on Sitepoint. I wrote a semi-regular column for three years and conducted interviews as well as writing a step by step tutorial sponsored by Adobe.

Get Shorty: Trim the Fat with ColdFusion
A step by step ColdFusion link shortener tutorial

Frameworks, Frameworks Everywhere
An introductory article to an article series on coding frameworks

The Week in ColdFusion, 2-8 July: Object-oriented CFML for fun and profit
Example of a weekly column on ColdFusion that I wrote for SitePoint

SitePoint author archive
A list of all articles I wrote for SitePoint

Blog Posts

I have maintained a professional blog since 2004, on varying topics as my roles and areas of interest dictate.

Write the Docs EU
A wrap-up of a technical writing conference in Budapest, 2014

Are you an accidental creative?
Review of The Accidental Creative, a book by Todd Henry

What is the 40 hour week lifestyle actually doing to you?
Ruminations on a productivity and lifestyle article


I have written articles, reviews and conducted interviews for several online music sites, including FasterLouder, MetalAsFuck and MetalUndergound.com.

Angry Anderson
An interview with the Australian rock icon and TV personality

Life, Death and Fear Factory’s Dino Cazares
A longer-form interview

Angela Gossow
A discussion with the German singer of Arch Enemy on the unlikely topics of heavy metal marketing, longevity, and the role of women in a male-dominated industry

Monster Magnet
Live review of a Monster Magnet show