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WebFX Tab Pane

I was searching for some kind of dhtml roll-up widget yesterday – something to make little boxes zip up with only their title showing, kind of like what happens on the left hand side of Windows XP Explorer when the tree is hidden. It’s for an intranet page, so I could rely on JavaScript as long as it worked in both IE and FireFox.

Well, I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I did find this fantastic tab pane instead, at WebFX. I’d seen the site mentioned recently on the CFAussie mailing list in conjunction with Bindows, which is a DHTML GUI toolkit. Nice.

Anyway, using the tab panel (which involved nothing more than including the js and css files, and placing my CF code into particularly named divs) allowed a much simpler and more organised interface, so I threw away the rolled up panels idea and switched to tabs. It looks very impressive. I think it will be easier to use too.

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