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Free at Last

I’ve been pretty quiet this week – I have the Intel IT Manager game to blame for that. But now, I am finally free.

Let me explain. A little over a week ago I saw this post on Flex-mx. I played a couple of rounds – cool little Flash game. But then I found myself going back again and again to play some more. I was hooked.

Eventually I got bored of the game itself – there’s actually only so much you can do in it. And, some of the principles are a little suspect – employees resigning due to poor IT support when forced to work on non-Intel gear, for example. Not anywhere where I’ve ever worked. But anyway, seeing my ranking going up at the end of each day was addictive. I decided I would make a concerted effort to get into the top 10, then retire my IT Manger role forever. And I did it. Here’s a screenshot of the score board, in case some other fanatic passes me (I’m sure it won’t take long). That’s me at number 10, GoatLady Kay (it’s a long story, don’t ask).

Now I can get back to my real life. Soon I may even lose
the tendency to blurt out Intel marketing propaganda at inopportune moments:

Client: I was thinking this background here…

Kay: Switching to Intel Centrino mobile technology increases employee productivity by an average of two hours per week!

Client: I’m sorry?

Kay: Oh, nothing. What were you saying about the cornflower blue?

Urgh… I’m glad it’s over. Although, it would be nice to get higher in the rankings than number 10…

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